Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cinema Italiano!!

Alright, so it has been a bit more then 12 hours since I got to witness the raw passion and sexuality that is Nine, but I'm still loving it! :D It probably also helped that I got to meet Daniel Day-Lewis (someone whom I think is most attractive, although my brother teases me for, lol), Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz (my second time meeting this amazingly sweet actress), Dame Judi Dench (whom I wish was my grandma ;) lol), Marion Cotillard, and Kate Hudson (I worked with her a few years back on her film, so it was cool to see her again).

But anyway, although the movie is not the best musical I have ever seen, it still evoked all the joy and love I have for everything Italian ;). Daniel Day-Lewis is always amazing as he turns in a performance that much resembles Fellini (although he said he was trying to not evoke the brilliant director of 8 1/2) ;). But it's hard not to think of Fellini as men in hot skinny ties drive the sleek fast cars that we all know and love. And there is even a scene towards the end with the goddess like Nicole Kidman and Mr. Lewis singing near a fountain (you have no idea how badly I wanted Miss Kidman to dance around the fountain a la La Dolce Vita style.) ;) There is just something so sensual and sexy about Italy in the 1950s/1960s. I mean come on, don't we all want to drive fast cars, be hot lovers, and just enjoy everyday like it might be our last??! This is why I'm such a fan of Italian films of that era ;).

Kate Hudson's character summed it up best with her line, "They want to live in an Italian movie!" And yes we do! Her song "Cinema Italiano" is the perfect summed up version of why we love Italy! :D It's one of the most fun moments of the film. And I must admit that it is my new favorite song to sing and dance to in the venue that is my bedroom. ;)

So there it is folks, my brief review of Nine. It's fun, hot as hell, and filled with the amazing essence that is Italy in the 1960s. It allows us all that feeling of actually being there in that time... and I mean who wouldn't want to be in an Italian movie, right?! ;)

Happy viewing everyone! =)

Oh, and side note, here's a photo I took of the amazing Mr. Daniel Day-Lewis last night before I got to talk to him (now I don't usually take photos of the guests, but I just admire him so, lol) ;)

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