Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Oh John Cusack, How I Love Thee...

So, in my amazing day off that I had today, I decided to go and see 2012 this morning.

I opted for the first showing since I thought it would be the least crowded (I was wrong by the way, since I always forget about those first matinee bargain prices, lol), but anyway, I made it and got myself a fabulous seat in the middle. I sat back and relaxed as I waited for my over-the-top end-of-the-world experience. And I really wasn't disappointed.

Yes, 2012 is a cheeky look at the predicted end of the world that is to happen on the 21st of December 2012 (which is ironically my father and Samuel L. Jackson's birthday) ;). It is very reminiscent of Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, but with one added bonus: John Cusack.

I have been a John Cusack fan since I can remember and I will literally see anything this man does (yes, even War Inc.) ;). There's something so charismatic about him, that you can't help but simply fall in love with the man. Which is true of him in person as well. I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple years back at a screening he did of Grace Is Gone (a very sweet film, by the way). Mr. Cusack is witty, sincere, and just the type of guy you would want to be friends with. And I must confess, that when he talks to you, he looks you straight in the eye and he makes you feel like you are the only person in the world. I dare say I swooned, and immediately wanted to use the phrase from Arrested Development, "Marry me!" ;). Actually, a side note, there was an interesting occurrence that Monday evening, because a man in the audience asked his girlfriend to marry him in front of Mr. Cusack, but she actually turned him down! Yikes! The poor guy, lol!

But anyway, back to 2012... If you're looking for an intense escape for a few hours then look no further. It's not something one would call a work of art, but the effects are absolutely amazing, and the theme of how people will hopefully become selfless in the time of crisis is something I always believe and hope for.

2012 was a morning well spent with an actor I have long loved. Go see it for the effects and the amazing Mr. John Cusack. =)

Happy viewing everyone! :)

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