Saturday, December 12, 2009

My Top 20 Films From 1990-Present

So, recently I have noticed that a popular question amongst filmmakers, is your top 10 or 20 films, right? And since there is no way I could just pick 10 ;), I am going to list my top 20 films since 1990 (it would be a whole other list if I said since the dawning of film time, lol) ;).

So enjoy, and please leave me your top 20 films! I’d love to get some recommendations! =D

Okay, so here it is, my top 20, actually I am going to do them all alphabetically, except for my top film…

1. Man Bites Dog
Directed by Remy Belvaux and Andre Bonzel

This is, without a doubt, one of the most creative films I have seen. That, and me being a huge fan of violence on tv lol ;). This film also has a ton of sentimental value for me since it was a late night while attending film school in London, that a group of us decided to watch this treasure of a film. It’s dark, disturbing, violent, but also oh so funny!! Seriously, if you’re a fan of dark comedies, you must see this! =D

Directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet

I love how sweet this film is! One of favorite scenes is where she gives the box back to the boy, who’s now all grown up. I also love the gnome scene, because I’m going to be honest, I’ve kind of always wanted to do that, lol ;)

Battle Royale
Directed by Kinji Fukasaku

Okay, so I actually just saw this film last week - but it’s absolutely brilliant!!! I mean really! It’s so creative! And I hope they really don’t decide to make an American version - because that would suck! This film actually took The Matrix off my top 20 - so congrats to Battle Royale, lol ;).

The Boondock Saints
Directed by Troy Duffy

Yes this is kind of a Tarantino rip off, but who cares?! I’m a Tarantino rip off! LOL! ;) I love these oh so cool Irish brothers going around and killing the bad guys to save us good people ;). It’s brilliantly violent and hilarious… which is my idea of a great film ;). And Willem Dafoe is amazing! I love the scene where’s he’s figuring out how the massacre played out - the one where he gets on his knees - you all know what I’m talking about ;). Oh, and that court room scene at the end!!!! Seriously gives me chills I love it so much! =D

Bottle Rocket

Directed by Wes Anderson

Wes Anderson has made many brilliant films, but my fav will always be Bottle Rocket. The end robbery scene is hilarious! And I also love when they’re robbing the book store and all they have are the small bags! So brilliant!

City Of God
Directed by Fernando Meirelles

This is one of those beautiful films that I just love to watch over and over again. The direction and cinematography are perfect! I love it! =)

Ed Wood

Directed by Tim Burton

First off I pretty much love anything Johnny Depp is in - and yes, I’ve seen all of his films (and even a few 21 Jump Street episodes, lol) ;). But this is one of my favs!! It’s hilarious, and quite frankly probably how I will make my films one day - lol ;). Bill Murray really makes me laugh in this too - especially the church scene ;D. Love it!!!! =D

Directed by The Coen Brothers

Two words: Dark Comedy!! I think this film is absolutely brilliant! It has that perfect mix of humor and drama that I absolutely love. It’s amazing.

Fight Club
Directed by David Fincher

Do I really need to explain why I love Fight Club? Lol ;) I mean it’s just simply put, amazing! It’s a film for our generation. Definitely one of my favorites of all time.

Directed by Ridley Scott

There is something about this film that I just absolutely love. I have always been a huge fan of the Roman days, and this film is just so poetic to watch. It’s beautiful and epic. Ridley Scott seems to be the only filmmaker in our present age that can recreate the amazing epics like Lawrence of Arabia and Ben Hur. He’s brilliant at them. And Joaquin Phoenix gives an awesome performance… aw I miss the days before he was a rapper ;).

Directed By Martin Scorssesse

Aw, a lot can be said about this truly wonderful film. I should first state that I’m a huge fan of gangster films, I mean really, they probably hail at the top of my favorite genre. ;) This is one of the best gangster films out there, and I absolutely love to watch it over and over again. DeNiro, Liotta, and Pesci are perfect in this. And I must admit that I get chills every time the final scene plays and Ray Liotta directs his attention to us - it’s brilliant!! =D

In Bruges
Directed by Martin McDonagh

I love the connection between these two hit men. It’s so funny! It’s a great film that I watch over and over again. And we all know how much I love the dark comedies ;).

Lock, Stock, and Two Smokin Barrels
Directed by Guy Ritchie

Are you all seeing a pattern in my top films?! LOL! Yes, it’s safe to say I love a good violent film with some comedy thrown in ;). And this one delivers just that! This, along with Snatch, are just so fun to watch!

Lost In Translation
Directed by Sofia Coppola

This film reminds me of all the reasons why I love to travel. It’s that hoping to bump into someone that shares your views on the world that we all hope for. It’s beautifully done, and definitely one of my favorites to watch over and over again.


Directed by Christopher Nolan

Aw Memento. I use to watch this film religiously. It really is brilliant. I love how we start at the end and go backwards, and yet we are also starting at the beginning and when the two meet up - it’s absolutely amazing! This film also reminded me why I love Polaroid cameras so much ;).

The Proposition

Directed by John Hillcoat

A beautiful film that will get under your skin. There isn’t a lot of dialogue, but that’s what I love about this truly beautiful Australian western! It’s a classic story of whether you would be able to kill your own brother or not, and it’s just absolutely breathtaking to watch.

Pulp Fiction
Directed by Quentin Tarantino

Actually I really need a Quentin Tarantino list, because he has so many that I love: Reservoir Dogs, Kill Bill, Inglourious Basterds, True Romance, From Dusk Til Dawn, Natural Born Killers, and I actually really enjoyed Death Proof too! But, since I can only pick one Tarantino flick, it most definitely has to be Pulp Fiction! This film has it all - comedy, violence, great dialogue, and a Royale with Cheese! =D It’s one of the greatest films of all time in our recent film years. I mean I could write a novel with how good this film is, but I won’t, so let’s just say that this film has left my brother and I with many lines to quote (and I actually love to use the tomato joke - because I’m awesomely lame like that, lol); and I really want one of those wallets!!! =D

Run Lola Run

Directed by Tom Tykwer

This film is a brilliant tale of three different scenarios. It’s so much fun! My favorite is the middle one, I just love when she goes in there and threatens her dad! Lol ;).

Shaun of the Dead
Directed by Edgar Wright

One of my favorite horror… can we call it a horror film?? Well, anyway I love it. I love zombie films, and this one is perfect! And oh how I love British humor =D.

There Will Be Blood
Directed by Paul Thomas Anderson

This film is absolutely beautiful and has one of the best performances in recent years. Daniel Day-Lewis is mesmerizing in this film! I love, love, love to watch it :). The scene where he gets baptized is probably on of my favs. =)

So there it is, my list as of now. ;)

Happy viewing everyone! =)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

One Screenplay Down, Only A Million More To Go...

OMG - I have totally finally finished one of my epic revenge scripts today!!!! I am truly ecstatic!! =D No really! It has taken me years to finish this thing.

I remember I was driving to work (for Ghost Whisperer I believe?) back in 2007. On my drive I was listening to one of my famous mix cds, and all of a sudden the theme from Man On Fire came on - it was then that I came up with this brilliant idea for a scene. But, there that scene sat for a very, very, long time. I wrote a few other scripts, but always came back to this one, there was something about it - I thought it was finally my Tarantino-esque script. ;)

Ironically, it was actually the amazing Mr. Quentin Tarantino who helped me to finish it! No joke! I went to an amazing Q&A of his last Wednesday and I just got so inspired! We even write the same way! He too likes to let his characters lead him in the direction of the story! I mean I thought I was the only one! lol Especially when everyone around me always talks about outlines and treatments and what not... you know what I say? Just freaking write the thing!! I mean seriously, who cares if it's right or wrong as long as you're getting a story out there?! So yeah, anyway, Tarantino helped me to finally finish that thing... he really is an amazing guy! So nice! And I really couldn't believe I was seriously face to face with my hero! haha ;) It was a great night =). I loved that I re-ran into him in the garage too... but anyway, back to my finishing of a script ;)...

So yes, it's done. And I think it just might be the one I film in 2010... although I do have two other choices as well ;).. It's just so hard! I want to film them all! lol!

And I'm going to be honest, part of me is a little sad about it being finished... you see I have this horrible habit of writing 3/4s of a script and then stopping because I don't want the stories to end for me. I love living in my stories, and I love my characters ;). I become my characters when I write... and I did have some good times with the characters from my now finished script. But, I always come up with new ideas, so I really should just finish all these scripts, lol! Which, is exactly what I think I shall do, that is until I get ready to film in 2010!! =D

The dream of me walking down the red carpet at Cannes with a film being shown is becoming more and more real. I can almost smell the fresh sea air, lol ;). Life's freakin grand, isn't it?? ;)

Alright my lovelies, I'm off for now - I just had to blog about how excited I am about finishing this script that has been with me for a very long time.

Oh, and by the way, if you want to see an amazing film, seriously go watch Battle Royale! It's awesome, and will stay with you for quite sometime ;).

Cheers friends!

And happy viewing =)

Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hey all!!

So yes, I should really be working on my script that I plan to start principle photography on in like 2-3 months, lol ;), but, instead I have decided to take a small break and write another blog post. (Yes, don't everyone jump for joy all at once, lol) ;).

I actually knew I needed to write this post the other night while I was at the Up In The Air screening (where I met my fabulous George Clooney again - aw, sigh, I will just take a moment for myself to swoon...ok, I'm good now, lol). I was talking with my amazing friends, while in line, about some of the films we have seen this week - namely, Sherlock Holmes, and we were saying how much fun it was. It was then that a nice fellow joined our conversation, but he started to say how bad he thought the film was. He then went on to find wrong things about a few others (although not my Inglourious Basterds, luckily) ;). It was then that I realized that I pretty much find something good about everything. I really do! Even films I don't really care for, I still might like the costumes, or the acting, or the music... you know?

So yes, anyway, I just thought I should let all of you readers know, that every film I see, I try and find the good in it, which is why my reviews are usually always promoting films ;). Because, hey, as a fellow filmmaker, I would want someone to do the same for me :).

I love you all, and happy viewing everyone! =)

Oh, and P.S. - I totally met my idol Quentin Tarantino this past Wednesday!!! :D And all I can say, is that the best motivation any of us aspiring filmmakers can get, is to meet and talk with a filmmaker you greatly admire. :) I hope you all get the chance to meet that superbly, wonderful man, or at least someone else you greatly admire =).

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sherlock Holmes as Seen Through Guy Ritchie's Wonderful Eyes

Aw, Sherlock Holmes... It's hard for me not love this amazing character from Baker Street who lives in my awesome London ;). He's one of those icons you grow up with; the "elementary my dear Watson"; that hat! - both of which are actually not in this latest Guy Ritchie version of Sherlock Holmes, set to be released on Christmas day. Actually, come to think of it, I don't think those two things were in the books either, lol ;). But anyway, Sherlock Holmes is a legend amongst pretty much us all - there is no denying that we all have some sort of fondness for the eccentric detective.

I was actually lucky enough to grab an invite to a screening of Sherlock Holmes at the DGA last night with a Q&A with the always wonderful Robert Downey Jr. :). And all I can say my friends, is that you won't be disappointed =).

From the opening scene, I knew I was in for a treat. The horses race down the macabre streets of late 1800s London, the sense of knowing something is about to happen as Watson readies his gun, the amazing score done by Hans Zimmer, and the first glimpse of our hero racing along to catch his criminal will all give you that excitement you look for in the movies. Right from the start there is action, intrigue, and non forced comedic lines that will not leave you cringing (thank goodness for that!) ;).

Needless to say I absolutely loved this film!! =D It's the kind of film that reminds me of why I want to be a filmmaker. And why I will continue down this adventurous path of doing so ;). It's fun, entertaining, and actually has a good story that I for one will say was really excited when Holmes was solving the case at the end - I was like hells yeah you solve this thing! lol ;). Yeah, I'm kind of a nerd, lol... but I digress...

Oh and can I just mention how amazing Guy Ritchie is as a director! He brings the grittiness of London that he knows so well to a classic story that we all know. Although I have been a fan of his since Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, so I knew he probably wouldn't disappoint me with this one. :) Which he didn't! And the fight scenes were absolutely amazing!! I'm the type of person that really likes my fight scenes - I mean they're just so awesome! And Guy really knows his fight scenes. I mean who doesn't love that classic scene in Snatch where Brad Pitt is punched out and he lands in water! I love that scene!! I actually sometimes back it up just to watch that again... because I'm kind of awesome like ;). Actually, at the Q&A Robert Downey Jr. said that some of the fight scenes were actually thought up on the day of shooting! Brilliant! There is a specific scene with a cow prod that he said they only knew what they were going to use, but didn't have it all worked out yet (which makes me feel better about not having all of my fight scenes in scripts all planned out) ;).

And now, for Robert Downey Jr... I will start by saying I have been a huge fan of his for years - I mean have you all seen Chaplin?! Brilliant! And I love Wonder Boys and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of my favorite films (which I actually had the pleasure of working on and was the first time I met the amazing Robert Downey Jr. - he's such a nice guy!). And the Q&A last night seriously was one of the best ones I've been to in a while! He's just such a funny guy! Definitely someone I would want to hang out with (as those who know me, know I love to laugh) ;). He really is just such an amazing guy! Words are really hard to describe just how totally cool and down to earth he is. I'm giving him a shout out, because he's just that awesome ;).

I actually tried to repeat some of the awesome things he said last night to my brother, but somehow they lost something with my telling, so I shall spare you all here ;). But he had us all being very entertained :). Oh, and if any of you have any doubts about him playing Holmes, well, you can just put those aside! He's brilliant! =) And really kick-ass =). I was rooting for him the whole time, which is what you want in a film ;). He's intelligent, a skilled fighter, and funny, I mean what more could you want?? ;)

Oh and I haven't mentioned the amazing Mr. Jude Law (who is not bad on the eyes, I'll tell ya) ;). He's brilliant as Watson - he and Robert Downey Jr. really just make the whole film. Oh and the guy who does the "Chambermaid Scene" - but that's actually more of an inside joke to anyone who was at the Q&A last night, lol ;). Ok, back to Watson, yes, he's awesome - and Jude Law does an amazing portrayal. [I hope this isn't a spoiler, but...] From the very start of the film, Watson is trying to get away from Holmes, which actually gives quite an interesting twist (in my opinion anyway)...[Ok, end possible spoiler ;)] Jude Law is always fun though, even if his reputation sometimes exceeds him...Oh, and I actually attended the screening with my amazing friend, and I will say that there is a certain scene with a nanny that she and I couldn't stop laughing for... are we bad?? Probably, lol ;).

I shouldn't forget to mention Rachel McAdams, she's always been one of my favorites, and she's quite good in this... although I kind of feel like she starts off amazing, and kind of fizzles out as the film goes on, but she's still good. :)

Mark Strong is good too (you might remember him from RockNRolla??!!) :).

Okay, my friends, this review is getting way too long!! So I shall cease. But to make a long story short [too late ;)], it's a brilliantly fun film that I'm almost positive you will enjoy :). So go see it when it opens on Christmas Day! It's really fun!

Thank you Guy Ritchie for making another film that I loved and for putting some very cute and talented guys in it, lol ;). I'll eagerly await the sequel. =)

And...I just want to end it with this:
"No girl is going to marry a doctor who can't tell if a body is dead or not." [I'm not sure if that's the exact quote, but it was along those lines, and I found it to be quite amusing, lol ;).]

Happy viewing everyone! =)

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Cinema Italiano!!

Alright, so it has been a bit more then 12 hours since I got to witness the raw passion and sexuality that is Nine, but I'm still loving it! :D It probably also helped that I got to meet Daniel Day-Lewis (someone whom I think is most attractive, although my brother teases me for, lol), Nicole Kidman, Penelope Cruz (my second time meeting this amazingly sweet actress), Dame Judi Dench (whom I wish was my grandma ;) lol), Marion Cotillard, and Kate Hudson (I worked with her a few years back on her film, so it was cool to see her again).

But anyway, although the movie is not the best musical I have ever seen, it still evoked all the joy and love I have for everything Italian ;). Daniel Day-Lewis is always amazing as he turns in a performance that much resembles Fellini (although he said he was trying to not evoke the brilliant director of 8 1/2) ;). But it's hard not to think of Fellini as men in hot skinny ties drive the sleek fast cars that we all know and love. And there is even a scene towards the end with the goddess like Nicole Kidman and Mr. Lewis singing near a fountain (you have no idea how badly I wanted Miss Kidman to dance around the fountain a la La Dolce Vita style.) ;) There is just something so sensual and sexy about Italy in the 1950s/1960s. I mean come on, don't we all want to drive fast cars, be hot lovers, and just enjoy everyday like it might be our last??! This is why I'm such a fan of Italian films of that era ;).

Kate Hudson's character summed it up best with her line, "They want to live in an Italian movie!" And yes we do! Her song "Cinema Italiano" is the perfect summed up version of why we love Italy! :D It's one of the most fun moments of the film. And I must admit that it is my new favorite song to sing and dance to in the venue that is my bedroom. ;)

So there it is folks, my brief review of Nine. It's fun, hot as hell, and filled with the amazing essence that is Italy in the 1960s. It allows us all that feeling of actually being there in that time... and I mean who wouldn't want to be in an Italian movie, right?! ;)

Happy viewing everyone! =)

Oh, and side note, here's a photo I took of the amazing Mr. Daniel Day-Lewis last night before I got to talk to him (now I don't usually take photos of the guests, but I just admire him so, lol) ;)

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Must Be Santa...Or Bob Dylan...

I forgot to mention that a fun little music video I did with the always awesome Bob Dylan premiered this week - "Must Be Santa". I can honestly say it was one of the best shoots I have done recently. I met some fabulous people, and just had a grand old time ;).

To view the video, you can use this link: Must Be Santa Video. Oh and I'm the girl in the short bob wig in the peach dress...I'll include a picture on here as well ;).

Oh and just a bit of trivia, the director is actually the man in the video who starts the fight - he loves his stunts!! ;)

Happy viewing everyone! :)

Oh John Cusack, How I Love Thee...

So, in my amazing day off that I had today, I decided to go and see 2012 this morning.

I opted for the first showing since I thought it would be the least crowded (I was wrong by the way, since I always forget about those first matinee bargain prices, lol), but anyway, I made it and got myself a fabulous seat in the middle. I sat back and relaxed as I waited for my over-the-top end-of-the-world experience. And I really wasn't disappointed.

Yes, 2012 is a cheeky look at the predicted end of the world that is to happen on the 21st of December 2012 (which is ironically my father and Samuel L. Jackson's birthday) ;). It is very reminiscent of Independence Day and The Day After Tomorrow, but with one added bonus: John Cusack.

I have been a John Cusack fan since I can remember and I will literally see anything this man does (yes, even War Inc.) ;). There's something so charismatic about him, that you can't help but simply fall in love with the man. Which is true of him in person as well. I had the pleasure of meeting him a couple years back at a screening he did of Grace Is Gone (a very sweet film, by the way). Mr. Cusack is witty, sincere, and just the type of guy you would want to be friends with. And I must confess, that when he talks to you, he looks you straight in the eye and he makes you feel like you are the only person in the world. I dare say I swooned, and immediately wanted to use the phrase from Arrested Development, "Marry me!" ;). Actually, a side note, there was an interesting occurrence that Monday evening, because a man in the audience asked his girlfriend to marry him in front of Mr. Cusack, but she actually turned him down! Yikes! The poor guy, lol!

But anyway, back to 2012... If you're looking for an intense escape for a few hours then look no further. It's not something one would call a work of art, but the effects are absolutely amazing, and the theme of how people will hopefully become selfless in the time of crisis is something I always believe and hope for.

2012 was a morning well spent with an actor I have long loved. Go see it for the effects and the amazing Mr. John Cusack. =)

Happy viewing everyone! :)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day

Well, just as I was about to sign off the internet for the night, a friend sent me the link to the new trailer for the second installment of the amazing Boondock Saints.

If you have yet to see it, go here and watch it for yourself:
Boondock Saints II All Saints Day Trailer

Upon first glance, I was thinking this was going to be awesome! I mean I absolutely love the first one and when I heard they were making a second one I really couldn't wait! Then as I was watching the trailer, I began to realize that this was not the same caliber as the first Boondock Saints. Something about it just seemed off.

So, I decided to wait a moment (come on here and write a short blog about it), then re-watch the trailer again. This time, however, I came to terms with the differences, and realized that this actually really could be a freakin' fabulous film! I mean I love these guys! And seeing them with their awesome gun skills again is always something to treasure, lol ;). And the slow-motion shot of the four of them walking with their sunnies (it's my Australian term that I promised I would bring to the states) is pretty bad ass =).

So there it is, my two minute brief review of the trailer... but what are your thoughts?? Could this really be as amazing as the first??

Shout Out!

Since there are so many amazing people in this world (and I really truly do hope to meet as many of them as possible), I have decided to do a brief shout out to the amazing Jim that I met in New Orleans this past week.

First off, my amazing brother and I had gone back to our room due to a huge down pour. Once up there, I thought it would be fun to go down to the famous Carousel Bar (yes, the one that writers such as Tennessee Williams and Truman Capote use to frequent) and grab a drink since it was our last night there. My brother decided to rest though while I went down to the bar.

My first reaction when I stepped into the Carousel Bar was that I had truly stepped back in time. It really was amazing! It felt so Parisian! So, I found a seat at the circular carousel bar and talked with the fabulous bartender - Eddie - who recommended I try a Hurricane. (It was fabulous, by the way) ;).

I then pull out my notebooks and get a pen. As I enjoy my Hurricane, I begin to write. I felt it was a fitting thing to do, considering where I was :).

After a few moments, this man dressed in his finest walks in and sits himself two chairs down from mine. We both say hello. Anyway, to make a long story short [too late, lol], we begin talking. He tells me that his 65th birthday is the next day so we decide to celebrate a bit. He really was an amazing guy. For the past three years he has been volunteering in New Orleans, and he goes there every chance he can to give very generous tips to the locals (I know, what a sweetie!). He even tried to buy my drink, but I told him that was not necessary - especially since it was his birthday the next day!!

So, there it is, my shout out to the amazing Jim from Cincinnati. :)

This looks like the beginning of a beautiful friendship...

Well hello there my new and old friends...

I seriously have been blogging now for years, but I always keep coming up with new blogs... a fresh start so to speak? [also I can't remember some of my previous blog passwords, hehe ;)]. But, anyway, I have decided to start a new blog as I find myself finally coming to where I've always wanted to be in life. Yes, like the title suggests, I am a traveling filmmaker... and hopefully always will be :).

I'm not quite sure where this blog will actually lead any of us, but I hope to shed some light for myself (and maybe even for others) on how one can actually continue to achieve this goal of being a traveling filmmaker. And who knows, maybe when this is all over, I could even say it is a 'What Not To Do...' if one wants to achieve their own traveling filmmaking dreams, lol :). Only time will tell.

By the way, it is extremely hot and sticky in L.A. today! I haven't felt this kind of heat since I was in a small little bar in Aswan with some amazing Australians! Now that was a good afternoon... even if we did have to pour bottled water over ourselves to keep us cool... hmm, maybe I should go do that?? ;) Alright my lovelies, or lovely as the case may be ;), I shall be off... more adventures to come... hopefully :).