Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Sherlock Holmes as Seen Through Guy Ritchie's Wonderful Eyes

Aw, Sherlock Holmes... It's hard for me not love this amazing character from Baker Street who lives in my awesome London ;). He's one of those icons you grow up with; the "elementary my dear Watson"; that hat! - both of which are actually not in this latest Guy Ritchie version of Sherlock Holmes, set to be released on Christmas day. Actually, come to think of it, I don't think those two things were in the books either, lol ;). But anyway, Sherlock Holmes is a legend amongst pretty much us all - there is no denying that we all have some sort of fondness for the eccentric detective.

I was actually lucky enough to grab an invite to a screening of Sherlock Holmes at the DGA last night with a Q&A with the always wonderful Robert Downey Jr. :). And all I can say my friends, is that you won't be disappointed =).

From the opening scene, I knew I was in for a treat. The horses race down the macabre streets of late 1800s London, the sense of knowing something is about to happen as Watson readies his gun, the amazing score done by Hans Zimmer, and the first glimpse of our hero racing along to catch his criminal will all give you that excitement you look for in the movies. Right from the start there is action, intrigue, and non forced comedic lines that will not leave you cringing (thank goodness for that!) ;).

Needless to say I absolutely loved this film!! =D It's the kind of film that reminds me of why I want to be a filmmaker. And why I will continue down this adventurous path of doing so ;). It's fun, entertaining, and actually has a good story that I for one will say was really excited when Holmes was solving the case at the end - I was like hells yeah you solve this thing! lol ;). Yeah, I'm kind of a nerd, lol... but I digress...

Oh and can I just mention how amazing Guy Ritchie is as a director! He brings the grittiness of London that he knows so well to a classic story that we all know. Although I have been a fan of his since Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, so I knew he probably wouldn't disappoint me with this one. :) Which he didn't! And the fight scenes were absolutely amazing!! I'm the type of person that really likes my fight scenes - I mean they're just so awesome! And Guy really knows his fight scenes. I mean who doesn't love that classic scene in Snatch where Brad Pitt is punched out and he lands in water! I love that scene!! I actually sometimes back it up just to watch that again... because I'm kind of awesome like ;). Actually, at the Q&A Robert Downey Jr. said that some of the fight scenes were actually thought up on the day of shooting! Brilliant! There is a specific scene with a cow prod that he said they only knew what they were going to use, but didn't have it all worked out yet (which makes me feel better about not having all of my fight scenes in scripts all planned out) ;).

And now, for Robert Downey Jr... I will start by saying I have been a huge fan of his for years - I mean have you all seen Chaplin?! Brilliant! And I love Wonder Boys and Kiss Kiss Bang Bang is one of my favorite films (which I actually had the pleasure of working on and was the first time I met the amazing Robert Downey Jr. - he's such a nice guy!). And the Q&A last night seriously was one of the best ones I've been to in a while! He's just such a funny guy! Definitely someone I would want to hang out with (as those who know me, know I love to laugh) ;). He really is just such an amazing guy! Words are really hard to describe just how totally cool and down to earth he is. I'm giving him a shout out, because he's just that awesome ;).

I actually tried to repeat some of the awesome things he said last night to my brother, but somehow they lost something with my telling, so I shall spare you all here ;). But he had us all being very entertained :). Oh, and if any of you have any doubts about him playing Holmes, well, you can just put those aside! He's brilliant! =) And really kick-ass =). I was rooting for him the whole time, which is what you want in a film ;). He's intelligent, a skilled fighter, and funny, I mean what more could you want?? ;)

Oh and I haven't mentioned the amazing Mr. Jude Law (who is not bad on the eyes, I'll tell ya) ;). He's brilliant as Watson - he and Robert Downey Jr. really just make the whole film. Oh and the guy who does the "Chambermaid Scene" - but that's actually more of an inside joke to anyone who was at the Q&A last night, lol ;). Ok, back to Watson, yes, he's awesome - and Jude Law does an amazing portrayal. [I hope this isn't a spoiler, but...] From the very start of the film, Watson is trying to get away from Holmes, which actually gives quite an interesting twist (in my opinion anyway)...[Ok, end possible spoiler ;)] Jude Law is always fun though, even if his reputation sometimes exceeds him...Oh, and I actually attended the screening with my amazing friend, and I will say that there is a certain scene with a nanny that she and I couldn't stop laughing for... are we bad?? Probably, lol ;).

I shouldn't forget to mention Rachel McAdams, she's always been one of my favorites, and she's quite good in this... although I kind of feel like she starts off amazing, and kind of fizzles out as the film goes on, but she's still good. :)

Mark Strong is good too (you might remember him from RockNRolla??!!) :).

Okay, my friends, this review is getting way too long!! So I shall cease. But to make a long story short [too late ;)], it's a brilliantly fun film that I'm almost positive you will enjoy :). So go see it when it opens on Christmas Day! It's really fun!

Thank you Guy Ritchie for making another film that I loved and for putting some very cute and talented guys in it, lol ;). I'll eagerly await the sequel. =)

And...I just want to end it with this:
"No girl is going to marry a doctor who can't tell if a body is dead or not." [I'm not sure if that's the exact quote, but it was along those lines, and I found it to be quite amusing, lol ;).]

Happy viewing everyone! =)


  1. Thanks for the review!!! Did Moriarty make a cameo appearance in this by any chance? Could you see who was playing him?

  2. Hey Nicholas!

    You're always welcome! Thank you for taking the time to read it :).

    Yes, he does make an appearance ;)... but no we can't yet see exactly who plays him. He likes to stay in the shadows of the carriage and such ;).