Saturday, December 5, 2009


Hey all!!

So yes, I should really be working on my script that I plan to start principle photography on in like 2-3 months, lol ;), but, instead I have decided to take a small break and write another blog post. (Yes, don't everyone jump for joy all at once, lol) ;).

I actually knew I needed to write this post the other night while I was at the Up In The Air screening (where I met my fabulous George Clooney again - aw, sigh, I will just take a moment for myself to swoon...ok, I'm good now, lol). I was talking with my amazing friends, while in line, about some of the films we have seen this week - namely, Sherlock Holmes, and we were saying how much fun it was. It was then that a nice fellow joined our conversation, but he started to say how bad he thought the film was. He then went on to find wrong things about a few others (although not my Inglourious Basterds, luckily) ;). It was then that I realized that I pretty much find something good about everything. I really do! Even films I don't really care for, I still might like the costumes, or the acting, or the music... you know?

So yes, anyway, I just thought I should let all of you readers know, that every film I see, I try and find the good in it, which is why my reviews are usually always promoting films ;). Because, hey, as a fellow filmmaker, I would want someone to do the same for me :).

I love you all, and happy viewing everyone! =)

Oh, and P.S. - I totally met my idol Quentin Tarantino this past Wednesday!!! :D And all I can say, is that the best motivation any of us aspiring filmmakers can get, is to meet and talk with a filmmaker you greatly admire. :) I hope you all get the chance to meet that superbly, wonderful man, or at least someone else you greatly admire =).

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