Thursday, December 10, 2009

One Screenplay Down, Only A Million More To Go...

OMG - I have totally finally finished one of my epic revenge scripts today!!!! I am truly ecstatic!! =D No really! It has taken me years to finish this thing.

I remember I was driving to work (for Ghost Whisperer I believe?) back in 2007. On my drive I was listening to one of my famous mix cds, and all of a sudden the theme from Man On Fire came on - it was then that I came up with this brilliant idea for a scene. But, there that scene sat for a very, very, long time. I wrote a few other scripts, but always came back to this one, there was something about it - I thought it was finally my Tarantino-esque script. ;)

Ironically, it was actually the amazing Mr. Quentin Tarantino who helped me to finish it! No joke! I went to an amazing Q&A of his last Wednesday and I just got so inspired! We even write the same way! He too likes to let his characters lead him in the direction of the story! I mean I thought I was the only one! lol Especially when everyone around me always talks about outlines and treatments and what not... you know what I say? Just freaking write the thing!! I mean seriously, who cares if it's right or wrong as long as you're getting a story out there?! So yeah, anyway, Tarantino helped me to finally finish that thing... he really is an amazing guy! So nice! And I really couldn't believe I was seriously face to face with my hero! haha ;) It was a great night =). I loved that I re-ran into him in the garage too... but anyway, back to my finishing of a script ;)...

So yes, it's done. And I think it just might be the one I film in 2010... although I do have two other choices as well ;).. It's just so hard! I want to film them all! lol!

And I'm going to be honest, part of me is a little sad about it being finished... you see I have this horrible habit of writing 3/4s of a script and then stopping because I don't want the stories to end for me. I love living in my stories, and I love my characters ;). I become my characters when I write... and I did have some good times with the characters from my now finished script. But, I always come up with new ideas, so I really should just finish all these scripts, lol! Which, is exactly what I think I shall do, that is until I get ready to film in 2010!! =D

The dream of me walking down the red carpet at Cannes with a film being shown is becoming more and more real. I can almost smell the fresh sea air, lol ;). Life's freakin grand, isn't it?? ;)

Alright my lovelies, I'm off for now - I just had to blog about how excited I am about finishing this script that has been with me for a very long time.

Oh, and by the way, if you want to see an amazing film, seriously go watch Battle Royale! It's awesome, and will stay with you for quite sometime ;).

Cheers friends!

And happy viewing =)

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